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"Shunfan" the first national counterparts sales target: Beijing Olympic sprint


December 16 morning, the area of ​​industrial asset management companies under the "sail Chemistry" received a letter Chinese Athletics Association. Letter said, "sail chemistry" in 2003 to undertake the plastic runway construction contract 90 parts, completed construction area of ​​550,000 square meters, the contract sales of 120 million yuan, is the country with the industry first; the same time, the company chairman Zhou Jinpeng He was elected as the deputy director of the Chinese Athletics Association venues equipment committee. Zhou Jinpeng, said in 2004 the company should focus on the Beijing Olympics sprint goal carry out the work.
Currently, the "sail" already has a Beijing Olympic venue construction sites invitation to tender, at the same time there is another qualified nine Chinese and foreign companies. Faced with competition, "sail Chemistry" insist Beijing Olympic sprint goal without wavering, and is actively taking measures.
Zhu Jianhua volunteered
A few days ago, he broke the world record in the men's high jump famous Chinese veteran Zhu Jianhua's high jump, high jump with a club Chinese athletes came to Zhejiang University Xixi Campus PU track and field from Shanghai to guide athletes jump.
This year more than 40-year-old Zhu Jianhua, Zhejiang University Xixi Campus see the new track and field, you'll be tempted to try the mood, and that they run in the high jump jumping venue. He found that the new runway pouring plastic quality is good, in the running foot flexible, in line with the provisions of international Shore A hardness of 45-55. Later, Zhu Jianhua asked to Zhejiang University Xixi Campus PU track and field runway by the "sail chemistry" construction, it is to get in touch with the company, claim to "sail Chemistry" look.
After seeing Zhu Jianhua Zhou Jinpeng, he volunteered and said:. "For me to be responsible for the world-class track and field athletes and famous Chinese invited, as you engage in a construction of the track and field competitions, publicity 'sail' products" and "sail chemistry" is in fact planning this, and has been included in the 2004 work arrangements. The company believes that the product is good, the athletes have the final say, this is the best sprint 2008 "campaign," Beijing Olympic Games.
Push into Beijing
Recently, the Beijing Shijingshan District Board of Education sent a paper inviting "sail Chemistry" in the 2004 bidding Shijingshan District Primary and Middle School playground renovation construction projects. The company's strategy is to sprint Beijing Olympic Games first push into the Beijing market, so that more people "know" their products. Currently, the "sail" is already Dacheng Beijing Fengtai District middle school, high school and other forest tree pouring the 400 m and 250 m standard track, soccer field, acceptance praised China IAAF, he was awarded the honorary certificate. This time, Beijing Shijingshan District Education Bureau to name names "sail" to participate in the bidding.
It is reported that in 2003, "sail" on the National Games also contracted four venues in one fell swoop runway pouring operations, and poured the first PU indoor playground - Xi'an Institute of Physical Education indoor stadium, making it the world class Ⅰ Indoor Arena . Currently, there are empty roar Bangkok Technical Institute invited "sail" to the construction of Bangkok.
Recently, the company's plastic track products through the National Sporting Goods Quality Supervision and Testing Center, was identified as green products. "Sail" sprint Beijing Olympics more confidence.