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Green Haiduo Ba altitude training base in track and field stadium runway Caral City "urban Herald"


Green Haiduo Ba altitude training base in track and field runway Caral City Stadium
"Sail" through the acceptance of the two projects at home and abroad
President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov • Iraq • A runway inspection visit site
      Yesterday, Hangzhou sail Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. received the Chinese Athletics Association sent a certificate of acceptance testing by the "sail" the laying of the green Haiduo Ba National altitude sports training base athletic field, successfully passed the National Development and Reform Commission, State Sports General Administration and experts acceptance testing. And October 27, in the Republic of Uzbekistan Bukhara, from the "sail" laying Caral City Stadium 400 meters track also successfully cross the border, Iraq • A • President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov went to the scene acceptance.
In order to meet the Beijing Olympic Games, the state specially formulated the "National Olympic Glorious Program", and choose to build national sports training base plateau at an altitude of 3000 meters of green Haiduo Ba. This is a modern, in line with international standard training base on the construction site demanding standards, coupled with high altitude construction also caused no small difficulty. However, it is a delicious "cake", many domestic and international companies want to share a piece, just paved runway 15 well-known companies have located in the town of Yuhang "sail" companies therein. Last January, "sail" in the Beijing Olympic venue construction first standard, approved, they got dopa altitude sports training base for the national track and field venues laying works. The construction process, "sail" with a self-developed new technology grit, attracted the attention IAAF. Use of this technology, when the runway is not laying out tablets, particle distribution, and a high degree of mechanization. Just when dopa training base construction, the 2010 Asian Games held in Guangzhou, the Lotus Foshan Sports Center track and field venues laying project bidding, "sail" another bidder. Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and other places in universities, secondary schools have also requested "sail" to the laying of the runway.
"Sail" able to spread into Uzbekistan runway Caral city, it is by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Council of the sixth meeting of the "wind." June 15 this year, the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov • Iraq • A business officials came to Shanghai to attend the meeting with the President, during browsing the Internet and found a "sail." Caral happens Uzbekistan Bukhara city is building stadiums, need to lay 400 meters of track, plus "sail" last year set up an international business unit, has been laying track in the stadium, Bangkok, Thailand, has been well received, and decided to go to Yuhang investigation, and invited "sail" to Uzbekistan laying track. "Sail" general manager Zhou Jinpeng considerable importance to this project, sent a crack, according to IAAF standards proposed for the design, construction, which lasted more than three months, the successful completion of the cross-border project.