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Shunfan involved in the drafting of the national standard plastic runway GB / T14833-2011 promulgate


       Shunfan company since its inception has been actively involved in a number of national standards for the drafting and revision. In recent years, as a drafting unit, he participated in the GB / T14833-2011 "synthetic material runway surface," the national standard. The standard reference material IAAF track and field venues synthetic runway surface quality requirements, combined with the development needs of the environment and product revision, to replace GB / T14833-1993 "plastic runway" for the entire drafting process after more than three years, at the end of 2011 after the State administration of Quality Supervision, the national standardization management Committee approved the release, on May 1, 2012 implementation.
       Recently, the company sail in participating in the drafting of national standards there are new breakthroughs. As companies across the country, especially the laying of plastic runway stadium in Beijing outstanding performance, the owners are happy, in early March the Ministry of Health Center for Disease Control and Prevention as the first company to invite sail drafters, responsible for drafting the national standard "school playground ( Pavilion) volatile hazardous substances ", which is now a joint Beijing Center for disease control and prevention, CDC, Zhejiang Province, Huaxi Medical University in Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu and do simulated field trace detection.