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Zhou Jinpeng: a plastic runway will spread to the nation


Profile: Zhou Jinpeng created Hangzhou sail Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd., using high quality raw materials to produce the "sail" brand plastic runway, the stadium material obtained IAAF IAAF certification, fill the gaps, is the province's largest professional plastic runway producers. In recent years, the construction of the "Seventh China Minority Games' main venue of plastic track and field, the 16th Asian Games venues, the Chinese track and field altitude training base and other projects, completed a total of more than 500 plastic runway by the Chinese track and field venue Association and the provinces, autonomous regions Athletics Association acceptance. Companies also sponsored the "sail Cup" World University Wushu Invitational (Tianjin), the National Football League, "sail Cup" finals (Hangzhou), "Fourth Tour of Qinghai Lake," and a number of events.
Last week, Zhou Jinpeng Xinjiang just come back in a year, a third of his time in Xinjiang, "There are production bases and offices, there are a lot of helping schools, always taking the time to look at ."He said.
Thus open to talking, back in 2000, at a friend's "dotting", the Zhou Jinpeng started in plastic runway production, which makes him and his sail Hangzhou Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. changed samples.
Zhejiang will push the national manufacturing
2000 years ago, Zhou Jinpeng was known for his run-sail, in the field of coatings has the leading domestic level.
"It was quite a nice ring, I like this person to make friends, at a friend inadvertently reminded, I began to try to do a plastic track, found this particularly large market, particularly the lack of people to do it." Zhou Jinpeng said that in order to meet the expanding cultural and sports market, he decided to develop polyurethane (PU) plastic runway, the stadium floor laying material, the original business gradually shrinking share.
Sail in the 2008 Beijing Olympic venue construction scale of the project! "That was very excited, I've just come back Qinghai, began to prepare a range of materials, discharge duration, because I know this will be a turning point in the future development of enterprises." Zhou Jinpeng told reporters.
It is noted Xining suburbs, an altitude of 3,000 meters above the plateau country dopa altitude training base, is China's preparation for the Beijing Olympic Games special construction of a modern, consistent with international standards of various sports competitions comprehensive training base, a total investment of 1.3 million in the construction of the base will be a plurality of indoor track and field, basketball court, swimming pool, shooting, badminton, etc. as well as comprehensive training hall outside the training ground. Lack of oxygen problems plateau of venues and facilities construction in fine chemicals very high technical requirements, thus attracting the tender, including the "sail", including 15 well-known domestic enterprises to compete with a ratio, and finally the Hangzhou " sail "to the quality of construction and service beat out 14 other rival bid from Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Fujian and other places, who won the 2008 Olympic venue construction of its first live.
Release chain operator next big move
Let Zhou Jinpeng has been mention, as well as the city of Golmud in Qinghai Province is located in the national track and field stadium, from the start of construction to completion, Zhou Jinpeng and his technical team, in just over a month. "This is China's first built on the plateau of track and field stadium, it is the 2005 thing." Zhou Jinpeng, told this reporter, "It was difficult, time constraints, abnormal weather, harsh environment. Do not say anything else, said environment, the construction site is a desert, blowing sand, plastic runway was covered with a thick layer of sand. Finally, we use artificial turf to resist the wind, after a month effort, has a radius of 36.5 meters, an area of ​​21,000 square feet meter plastic runway national second-class stadium built, Golmud peoples for this celebration. "
Today, sail made of plastic track throughout the country, four years of construction standards runway, with eight years not bad, quality is the sail can be based in the country, mainly in the Olympic Games debut. Next, Zhou Jinpeng has a new idea: make an inventory of all the stadiums.
"Now a lot of places after the completion of the stadium, nobody management, just the standard configuration of a place, how to operate? How will these venues really into fitness go?" Zhou Jinpeng told reporters, in addition to future business doing fine plastic track, we need to do "chain style" stadium operations.