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Celebrate the New Year show vision - sail 2011 Spring Dinner


Get Chungui storm, snow Spring to.
January 29 evening, in this spring season, in this New Year is approaching, sail 2011 Spring Dinner held in Hangzhou West Park Hotel. Huang Shun Group's sail Chemical Company, some cadres Chemical Engineering Corporation and all the staff and SunTech technology companies, paint more than 100 employees participated in the project. Dinner hosted by the general manager of Renda Shun, chairman of the board of directors on behalf of the company Mr Zhou Jinpeng, thank you to the staff for the company to make, encouraged everyone in the new year make persistent efforts, solidarity, strenuous efforts jointly write a new chapter sail.

喜迎新春 再展宏图-顺帆公司2011年迎春晚宴.jpg