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Red Brigades - branch organizations re-sail away Shan Road


July 9, sail branch to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, organized branch members, new members and
Party activists, party members and the development of more than 30 objects, to hiking, to re-take the way Shan Road, cherish the memory of the revolution
Martyrs and experience to overcome difficulties and to overcome the difficulties, beyond the self, win process. Through this Red Brigades,
Achieve a rich organizational life, health worker training, to strengthen the cohesion and enhance the purpose of the enterprise culture in the enterprise
Management Work Party Work, exemplary and leading party members, close ties between the party and promoting the development of enterprises play for
       Shunfan branch secretary Comrade Zhou Jinpeng also for this poem:
        Flag fluttering multi-style,
        Shan party activity to;
        Men and women accompanied by drum drive,
        I prepared three tables vegetable farm.

红色之旅-顺帆党支部组织重走径山古道 2.jpg