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The company held a working meeting in summer and autumn production safety


    Since entering in August, as the hot weather continues throughout the chemical industry were multiple production safety accidents and fire incidents, to the collective property of the people and bring greater harm. To further enhance the summer and autumn, especially in the latter part of the World Expo and the Guangzhou Asian Games safe production management, to prevent the occurrence of hazards and prevent all kinds of production safety and personal injury accidents and ensure the production and operation of the work carried out smoothly, summed up the first half of production safety work, focus on prevention and control of the current arrangement, the company in August 24, 2010 afternoon, held a work safety meeting in the large conference room on the second floor. Meeting chaired by the Deputy General Manager Li Guoping, more than 10 for all members of the leadership team, workshop director, team leader, warehouse manager, electrical and mechanical engineering, attended.
     Meeting about Nanjing and Hangzhou 8.13 7.28 Explosion poisoning; focus on learning Hang Ann commissioned [2010] No. 31 "on the serious lessons of Nanjing" 7.28 "propylene pipeline explosion lesson earnestly current production safety work notice", the regulatory Hang Ann hazardous [2010] No. 132 "About Hangzhou Hexiang fine Chemicals Co., Ltd." 8.13 "poisoning accident" and Zhejiang safety supervision of dangerous [2010] No. 150 "Zhejiang Administration of Work safety really good job during the summer heat dangerous chemicals and fireworks safety production work notice "; each unit, regional production safety and accident hazards investigation and rectification workshop team reporting jurisdiction; Bulletin August 10 electrical circuit special safety inspection equipment, August 20 security civilized production site management inspection and rectification; learning Hang sail security word [2010] No. 5 "on the further strengthening of the summer production safety management," which, in accordance with the notice requirements, layout implementation of safety work.